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Our focus/vision is helping Holocaust Survivors and needy people in Israel. Holocaust Survivors in Israel are our main target group. If you have passion for holocaust survivors in Israel, through this platform you can volunteer to serve this group when you visit Israel, also you can donate and most of all pray for this work. Gift of Grace is a Registered Association (R.A) according to Israeli laws and is searching for partners that will help us serve each holocaust Survivor and Needy. 


In case of donating our banking info is below!

Bank:Mizrachi Tfachot

Account owner: Matnat Hahesed

Branch number: 435

Account number: 083826

IBAN: IL280204350000000083826

Swift: Mizbilit Address of the Bank: Herzel 73 RISHON LEZION.

OUR LATEST EVENTS                       NEWS

PROJECT A.R.K. 23.2 2021

During Purim week Matnat Hahesed made and delivered 48 gift bags with school kids to elderly people in Rishon Lezion.We call that  project A.R.K.(act of random kindness).We give those gifts randomly to elderly people in hostel.By this project we wanted and want in the future to show love and care who ever those people are.

Similar project was made also last yar with school kids.Last yar we delivered gifts to Holocaust survivors.This yar Holocaust survivors and another elderly people.

17.3  Our organization made small Pesach event durring the day of good deeds little bit before pesach.Field manager Lena and her students made small gift pags with greeting cards to eldery people.They made 50 bags one pag for each eldery pearson.Project was made with an idea of our A.R.K. projects which means we give gifts randomly to eldery people which we dont know.

In 11.8 2021 Matnat Hahesed made Giftcard event for 20 Holocaust survivors

in Rishon Lezion. Every Gift card was worth of 150nis .Event was arranged at

Holocaust survivors club house in Rishon Lezion.

20.9 2021 

Matnat Hahesed was takeing part of helping residents of colapsed building in the city of Holon.Amuta bought lot of stuff for the residents and gave them with the school students of Holon.

28.11-5.12 2021

Our organization was delivering food

for Holocaust survivors durring 

Hanukkah in Rishon Le Zion.

Purim Project 16-17.3 2022

Matnat Hahesed(Gift of Grace) took

part to big Purim operation where

Holocaust survivors got lot of gifts.

Matnat Hahesed gave 10 gift

bags for Holocaust survivors.

Trip to Finland 22.7-1.8 2022

Durring end of july Matnat Hahesed

took 11 Holocaust survivors to Finland

for nice vacation.

15.12 2022 Hanukkah event

Matnat Hahesed had Hanukkah

event for Rishon Lezion Holocaust survivors.It included program,food and gifts for the Holocaust survivors.

27.2 2023 Visiting kindergarden of

special need kids.Kids got sweets as a present and kids book.

24.3 2023 Matnat Hahesed made event for Rishon Lezion Holocaust survivors.In that event we gave 20 giftcards for survivors and first class food .

21.4 2023 Matnat Hahesed As part of Holocaust Remembrance Day and Heroism hosted school students their parents, teachers and management board. We invited two Holocaust survivors Tanya and Raya. Tanya told us her story and Raya played the violin.

8.6 2023 Matnat Hahesed made event for Holocaust survivors With group of 16 people from Finland- This group had nice program of singing and dance for Holocaust survivors. We also ordered food from gatering service and gift cards for Holocaust survivors.


Current corona sitsuation is good and we are again availlable to take volunteers with open hands and hearts!! 


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