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Volunteer programs



Making a difference with visitations. Holocaust survivors in most cases are lonely and as such   need someone to visit them, listen to them share their memories from the war. Through visitations, we touch their hearts in a special way as well as make them feel that they are not forgotten.

In many cases Holocaust survivors wants to share their story as Holocaust survivor which means in many cases they want to tell their story from small child to WW2 untill present day.Most of all they want to share their war  time story with somebody which is not their love one.Their stories are for many of them so hard to tell that they dont want to talk about those difficult memories with their love ones.Volunteers all over the world are great help in this matter.You can listen their hard life story and you can show support to them and confort them.Most of the visitings have become friendship between volunteers and Holocaust survivors.Next time when you meet them they are not strangers they are your friends to visit.




With these renovation projects we go to their apartments and make small
and big renovations free of charge.Everybody can take part of renevations 

you dont need to be professional.There is alot of work for everybody 

for example cleaning,painting,fixing,eletrical works and many many another

things.Renovation projects are of course one of the most popular projects.

Holocaust survivors have possibility to get totally new looking apartment for free.

Like before it was said you dont need to be professional you do what you can

and what you feel comfortable.We have only one standard connected to renovation

projects.We hope apartment is not going to be in worst condition when you leave 😉


Becoming a Volunteer

If you want to become volunteer in

Matnat Hahesed you need to contact

us trough email!

If you need to get more info about our

volunteer program just contact us with email or twitter.

Few basic facts about volunteering!

-We cant provide volunteer visas! All our volunteers come and work with tourist visa.

-We cant provide to you housing but we can help you to search place to stay for your volunteer work period.

-You need to have health insurance when you come to work with us.

-We dont have any minimum or maximum days which you need to work.

-You tell us how many days you can work and what kind of work you can do.

We Guarantee that your volunteer work will be immemorial and very important part of our work.

You have possibility to meet real Holocaust survivors to listen their stories and to show them love and support.Our organization have had volunteers from Finland,Korea,Usa,Germany.

We hope to see you soon.



If Holocaust survivor have a birthday we take flowers to Holocaust survivors 

or some another gift or mix of flowers and gift.We also go to visit that Holocaust 

survivor who has birthday and we are going to check  how he or she is doing etc.

Food deliveries are important part of our activity .We buy food for Holocaust 

survivors from the budget of our organization and we take these food bags

to their home.Gift cards or food coupons how ever you want to call it are very 

popular among the Holocaust survivors.Gift card works like visa there is certain

mount of credit in that card.With that Gift card they can buy food or clothes from

shop.We organize also all kind of events for Holocaust survivors with food and drinks

and gifts.

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